Hosted VoIP Telephone Equipment and Setup

Hosted VoIP Telephone Equipment and Setup

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Hosted PBX systems do not require a phone cabinet or routing software to be installed at your business but depending on the level of system you have chosen, you may need to get new phone. Hosted systems are broken down into two categories; Basic and Enterprise.

Basic systems resemble regular VoIP phones than true hosted PBX, though they are often referred to as hosted systems. These basic systems usually provide auto attendant and voicemail and fewer than ten extensions. If you select a basic system you will need an internet connection and working phones, but little or nothing else. Smaller businesses like these basic systems because they are easy, inexpensive, and do not require extensive equipment.

Enterprise systems are true hosted PBX systems and you are able to designate bandwidth and keep control of traffic on the system, along with adding or customizing features to best suit your businesses needs. Enterprise level PBX systems are installed similarly to the basic level, by downloading the software from your provider. Most providers can provide VoIP phones and walk you through the process and complete the install for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hosted PBX providers bill generally bill in two ways, month to month or on a contract. Contracts work like traditional phone system contracts. A contract will usually include features, maintenance, minute use, acceptable downtime, and other provisions in a Service Level Agreement. For the more VoIP-like systems, month-to-month offerings are common, and service costs are low.

Hosted VoIP and PBX

With a tough economy small and medium sized businesses are looking for ways to improve their customer service while lowering their costs. Improving your communication systems can accomplish both of these simultaneously. By purchasing a hosted VoIP or PBX system, you can pay one bill for internet and phone service, while improving your business image and communication abilities. Hosted VoIP and PBX systems can save you money, increase client relationships, and improve your businesses chance of success in a tough economy.