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FlexTalk Hosted PBX

Our FlexTalk product is a total business phone service. It uses VOIP technology—in other words, your phone service is delivered over the internet. We maintain the equipment, host the software, and handle the upgrades. Conversion is easy, whether you have one office or a hundred. To you and your customers, its business as usual.  If your customer is talking to your main office, leaving a voice mail, being transferred across the country, or speaking to someone working from home, it all happens seamlessly. Read for more Info
Manage it yourself! With the complexities of running and growing a business, you don’t want a complicated system that requires a “phone guy” or a team of engineers to run it. Our user-friendly, web-based interface allows you to deploy, configure and manage your system yourself. In addition, our support team will help out when needed and answer any questions. Expensive phone system maintenance contracts are a thing of the past.


How is Hosted PBX different?

Taditional Phone Sytem
FlexTalk Hosted PBX
A closet-full of hardware is required at your location. You have to lease it and pay for maintenance.
You don’t have to deal with a closet-full of phone equipment. All you need is your phones and we can supply those too.
Set up is a hassle. And it doesn’t exactly happen over night. Need to get FlexTalk Hosted PBX set up? Give us a call, and one of our Hosted Consultants will be happy to assist you.
You’ll pay three bills each month: For the equipment you lease, for the minutes you use, and for equipment maintenance.
With FlexTalk PBX, you pay just one bill.
Upgrades are a hassle. You’ll need someone to come in and physically change your equipment.
Need to scale up? FlexTalk Hosted PBX is infinitely—and easily—scalable.
You’ll pay the kind of phone bills you’re used to paying with the phone company: Big ones.
You’ll save 50-85% over traditional phone services.
Need to scale up? You’re going to need additional equipment for that.